Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies give you the assurance you need that a Metrohm instrument will deliver answers for your specific analysis. Your sales representative will work with you from the start to determine the right instrument and our feasibility studies are designed to confirm that recommendation when warranted.

During a feasibility study, a scientist in the Metrohm application lab will analyze a small number of representative samples to demonstrate proof of concept for your specific analysis.

A feasibility study is done at no cost to you and usually follows a few easy steps:

  1. A Metrohm sales representative confirms the sample type, concentration limits, and matrix information with you and submits a sample analysis request
  2. Our team of application scientists review the project and assign it to an experienced chemist who will perform the work
  3. A joint call ensures that we understand all of your analysis needs
  4. The chemist schedules the feasibility study and provides you with instructions on sample shipment
  5. We analyze the samples in our applications lab
  6. We prepare a detailed report of our findings and review the results with you

Your Feasibility Report

The results from your feasibility study will be assembled in a detailed report that includes the experimental details used for the analysis, the physical setup information for the instrument and a presentation of the data.

The details of the method development required for the feasibility study will be included in the report. A feasibility study is designed to provide proof of concept for your system, it is not an exhaustive study.

Download a sample of a feasibility study report here.

Sample Feasibility Study Report