Method Development: Help Beyond the Sale

Once your instrument is installed and in use, there is always an option to extend its analysis capability with a new sample type or a different matrix.

To tackle these new projects, training is always an option. We offer courses that teach you how to develop new methods successfully. But if you cannot invest time in training and designing experiments or you don’t want to wait to attend a training course, Metrohm offers custom method development products.

Is Method Development Right for You?

When you invest in method development, we take the time to understand your sample and your analysis needs and design a method for your unique parameters. The package price includes consultation, lab development work and a seamless transfer back to your laboratory.

Your sales representative will guide you through the process. Just give us a little information about your current analysis methodology for the sample and what you expect in terms of precision and accuracy required of the analysis and we will get started on your request.

Let’s Talk About your Method Development Project